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Third Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau

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Birthdate:Dec 13

Name: Wink
Age: 28
Height: 163cm
Race: Human
Hometown: Deningrad
Element: Water


I am Wink, Third Sacred Sister of Mille Seseau. My role as a Sacred Sister in the service of Her Royal Majesty Queen Theresa is as diplomat and ambassador representing and protecting the interests of the kingdom of Mille Seseau.

My job as a diplomat takes me all across the land of Endiness. I have met many interesting and kind, as well as bad, people. I foster relations with the other countries of Endiness and keep us on good terms with them.

I spend much of my time away from Mille Seseau. In fact I have recently left Deningrad on a trip south toward Serdio. My favorite city in the whole world, aside from Deningrad of course, is probably Donau the Flower City in Tiberoa.

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